Meditation in front of a Maya altar

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Julie Sopetrán.
Julie Sopetrán.

(Spanish poet)


During the celebration of Hanal Pixan


The altar is the center that consolidates

an inspired memory: signs from one’s self;

embroidery and food that adorn the abyss

to honor the custom of the deceased soul.


The altar is the finished table and shared with

Mayan, Christian, Aztec… in common syncretism

symbiotic foundation of an ancestral mirage

that offers to death the dream of life.


Far beyond anything, the pozol is consumed

a sense of sweet and sour, the intermittent light

and nothing is known of the shape and the manner.


Only the feeling of the breezes that the perfume brings to us

a kind of amazement that encourages the unconsciousness

it is a shaking… as if everything is known to us.

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