Mexico launches new, visually rich marketing campaign

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By Bob Schulman

Tourist barges on the canals of Xochimilco outside Mexico City. Photo by Bob Schulman.

You’ll want to drop everything you’re doing and zip down to Mexico right away when you see the jaw-dropping images spotlighted in the country’s new promotional campaign, “A World of Its Own.”  Focusing on “the sheer scale and diversity of Mexico’s tourism offering,” the campaign is aimed at continuing the momentum that helped our neighbor become the eighth most visited country in the world – up from the 15th most visited spot – in just four years.

You can see some 100 eye-popping scenes from the just-debuted promotion in a special video, one of its corner pieces. Check out the minute-long video at

Driving home the global campaign’s emphasis on Mexico’s tourism diversity is footage of everything from the ruins of ancient pyramids to cobblestoned colonial towns to palm-lined beaches to whimsical handicrafts to modern-day metropolitan centers.

Photo from new MTB marketing campaign. Photo by MTB.

“This new campaign is an invitation to immerse yourself in everything that is Mexico,” said Hector Flores Santana, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB). “We feel the name says it all: Mexico is truly ‘A World of Its Own.’ We constantly hear visitors tell us that Mexico is unlike anything they have experienced. They have shared their marvel that in just one day they can relax at one of the world’s top beaches, stroll through colorful markets, hear the Maya language still spoken, visit a crystal blue water cenote hidden in the jungle and, finally, savor a mix of modern and ancient flavors at dinner. Throughout their journey they are greeted with the warm smiles of the Mexican people while enjoying the quality service of Mexico’s world-famous hospitality.”

Advertising, promotions and events in partnership with the tourism industry and Mexico’s destinations will begin rolling out across global markets in October. A new digital platform will launch in December, allowing for interaction with the video. The campaign’s content and messages have also been designed to be customized by market, featuring attractions such as sun and beach, romance, adventure and nature, medical and wellness, LGBT, cruises, culture, high-impact events, luxury, sustainability and gastronomy.

Photo by MTB.

Emmanuel Rey, the MTB’s chief marketing officer, added, “It’s time for Mexico to connect with travelers on a more personal level, now more than ever. ‘A World of Its Own’ will both engage consumers by sharing the breadth of experiences Mexico has to offer and, more importantly, challenge travelers to live life to the fullest, awaken their drive to imagine and ensure travel is an important part of how they discover the world and themselves.”

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