“Que Viva tu Recuerdo: Altars and Offerings for the Days of the Dead at The Oakland Museum”

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Dear Mary:

Letter of appreciation.

The museum galleries are now empty of the visual and emotional treasures that you and the other artists and altar makers created and which are missed by staff, volunteers and those that frequently visit the museum. We are writing now to thank you for your significant contribution to the museum’s special exhibition, “Que Viva Tu Recuerdo: Altars and Offerings for the Days of the Dead.”

Your photographs were a superb addition to the exhibition. They provided the rich cultural context of Dias de los Muertos through strong aesthetic images that truly captivated visitors. Many staff, volunteers and visitors commented on the beauty and power of your photographs. The literally, thousands of museum visitors to the exhibition were deeply moved by the exhibition as well as the special significance of the festival of Dias de los Muertos.

The visitors’ written responses to the exhibition are the true measure of your success. We would like to share some of these with you as we are sure you will also be moved by the emotional impact the altars and your photographs evoked in both young and old Latinos and non-Latinos. Clearly, this exhibition struck a chord with people in helping them to honor their ancestors and lost loved ones, while celebrating Dias de los Muertos.

We deeply appreciated the opportunity to feature your photographs in the museum’s exhibition. We wish you continued success with your work and the many contributions you will make to the community through your powerful images and vision.


Barbara Henry                                            Bea Carrillo Hocker

Chief Curator of Education                       Guest Curator


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